Artshop- Moholy- Nagy

Identify the key characteristics of Moholy Nagy’s work:

  1. Photograms
  2. Sculpture
  3. Painting
  4. Photomontages
  5. Light and shadow

Explain what equipment you used to produce your scanned images.

I used scissors, glue, protractor and a pink, green coloured card, which I then cut up to create 3 dimensional shapes, curved lines.

1. img004

For this first image I used some stationary to create some interesting shapes using the scanner, this was inspired by his photogram print with the compass.

2. img005

I again used the same inspiration but wanted to fill the space a bit more to make it visually pleasing by adding a glue stick. Also, I tried to see if it had a 3D form to it and it therefore gave me a slight shadow to the image. The pink paper used for the background gave an interesting colour to it as the paper wasn’t completely flattened down it caught a rainbow effect reflecting from the objects.

3. img006

Again i used a similar layout to create the style of Moholy Nagy’s work except I included a pen and green paper to see if it darkened or lightened the image and change the look it gave.

4. img007

For this one I kept it more simple like some of Moholy-Nagy’s work by only putting in a geometric shape and leaving space within the rest of it, no coloured background involved as instead I used the paper to create the shapes.

5. img008

This time I added two circular shapes of different sizes just like one of Moholy-Nagy’s piece and further added a pen to make it different.

6. img009

For this one I had the white board of the scanner flat down creating no shadow like the previous ones. I used both the geometric shapes- circles and rectangles- to produce a simple style using Moholy-Nagy’s inspiration.

7. img010

This one was an experiment after the other successful images. I placed a bottle of water in the image to see if it refracted any shapes and light from it, but still combining the geometric shapes with it.


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