Visual Analysis- Minimalism

Bruce Nauman

Title: The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic Truths 1967

Medium/Technique: Window or wall sign

Date accessed: 13/03/2014


This is a minimalism movement that started around 1966, which was around the time of an anti-Vietnam war protest that then went on for another 5 years, with up to 200,000 protesters in just 1966 alone around the world. This piece is of some neon lighting that says “The true Artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths” in big neon lighting creating the image in a form of advertising telling you about an artist, but of a different kind. It’s colourful with bright reds and blues and neon lighting, like his earlier works with neon, and has a typical tone of dry satire like in many of his works too. The text goes round in a circular motion of text with a swirled line leading the eye around the piece and around the text, giving an overall circular shape. The texture of the piece is smooth with a glassy feel of the clear glass neon lighting tubes used to create the piece. With it being a minimalism piece this shows a good example of blurring the boundaries of sculpture and paintings. Apart from the line, shape, textures and colours I’ve mentioned there is only a minimal amount of them depicted in the piece. 


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