Selection tools On Photoshop (cut outs)

To cut out this image of a wheel I used the Elliptical Marquee Tool to see if I could get a circular cut out of the wheel (first image). However this second image with spaces of the sky. So instead I used the polygonal Lasso Tool to select the wheel more precisely or I could used the quick selection tool that quickly selects the block of area you want giving you the ability to add or take away from your selection. Allowing you to then cut out the wheel and place wherever or copy it as a new layer on top of the original. 




Using Selection tools to create Surrealist Art:



I Cut out the ‘mini me’s’ using the quick selection tool so I could re-scale and manipulate them to look like miniature cloned characters. I duplicated each miniature character using the quick selection tool so I could ‘colour overlay’ it in photoshop and add a shadow to make it look more realistic. I then used the ‘Pen tool’ to select and cut out a piece of branch to make it look like the structure to hold the clones on. I then finally drew on the strings with a light grey colour to make the top two look like puppets on a string being controlled by the larger scale of myself.  




This image was inspired by the photographer Ari Mahardhika. I used the polygonal lasso tool to select and cut around all the miniature characters to then manipulate and place onto this large image of a large scale me with the camera. I placed them where I thought fit and so they would look like they’re all helping and taking part in taking a self-portrait with each character having a vital role in composition the image. To finish the image off i could have selected each layer of the miniature characters and auto toned them so they didn’t stand out as darker characters from the large scale character and therefore would have given a more realistic effect on the final image. 




This image was inspired by Guiseppe Mastromatteo. I manipulated two photographers together, one where i had my arm down and the side of my face showing and the other with my arm up. I then layered them on top of each other and had the arm one opaque so that i could see the one without the arm showing through to therefore align the eye up onto the arm. I then used the polygonal lasso tool to select the eye and eyebrow and then cut and place on top of the arm. I placed this layer on top of the layer with the arm up to my face and then deleted the layer with the arm down so i only had the cut out of the eye and eyebrow. I then changed the tone and contrast of the eye so that it fit the shades and tones of the arm and therefore giving an absurd, surreal and mind-boggling effect to the viewer. I then cropped the image to finish it off and give a neutral look removing the boob tube top from showing through and detracting the effect from the final outcome. 



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