Conceptual Art Final Piece

Firstly, I started with this image I took of a reflection of myself in the mirror holding a blank piece of paper and edited the Camera Raw settings with the brightness and contrast.Image


Next, I cropped the image so that it was closer to the paper to then edit text onto it easy for the viewer to read.Image

The I wrote the words ‘This is a reflection of your own words’ using the text tool to place on top of the paper adjusting the text size.Image

I then put the text centered on the page as i felt it fit the image better than it having a left center alignment. Image

Then this was the final outcome:Image


I found that this idea depicted conceptual art the most out of the six ideas I came up with. I feel it is tautology in the way it is saying ‘art is art is art’ and in my own it says ‘reflection’ through the reflection of a mirror. I also feel it has the characteristics of conceptual art as it is a form of using photographs and it’s a written sentence but not using it in a typography style as they dislike that term being used within conceptual art. Again by creating this concept within my art it questions the main theme within this movement of what is art, could my piece be classed as art in some peoples mind and it makes you think about what you’re reading and looking at. I think my final piece is successful in the way that it represents what I was going for and the way I’ve linked it back to the ideas of the conceptual art movement. Also, in how I have used limited amount of materials which is what they try and do also within the movement.